Announcing a new "project"

During the last weeks I did not write much on this blog. This was partly because of some travelling and also because of a new “project” I have been busy with. This project is not so compatible with FSX, or any other version of Flight Simulator. And where previous projects did not have a very clear end date, this one has. The name of this special project is Wedding 2009. So until September of this year I will have less time to work on the different FS tools that are still in development. And it could be that I check … Continue reading Announcing a new "project"


I am sure this is old news to almost everybody already, but still it is too important to not mention it. When I came back from Brussels and opened my mailbox yesterday I read the shocking news that the Avsim website has been hacked and is completely gone for the moment. Here is the official press release: AVSIM Hacked Tom Allensworth, CEO and Publisher of AVSIM, today issued the following announcement; “We regret to inform the flight simulation community that on Tuesday, May 12, AVSIM was hacked and effectively destroyed. The method of the hack makes recovery difficult, if not … Continue reading AVSIM

Heading for Brussels

Tomorrow I am going to Brussels for my work, as we are attending the ITEC there. This means that during the next days I won’t be behind my computer. Over the weekend I have been working a bit on the FS2004 MDL reader for ModelConverterX, but I am afraid it is still a bit buggy. I had hoped to iron out more bugs by now. Some of the default FS2004 library BGL files will still crash the tool. This is mainly related to reading the transformation and animations from the files. Once I am back I will continue working on … Continue reading Heading for Brussels

International Flight Simulation Consortium

You might have read about the International Flight Simulation Consortium on the internet already, for example at Avsim or Francois Dumas’ blog. I don’t so much to add to what has been said there already, except that I was also present at the meeting and that FSDeveloper is thereby involved in the initiative. Once there is more news to report I’ll certainly do so.

Back home from Canada again

This morning I came home from my bussiness trip to Canada, so currently I still have a small jetlag. But that is not the reason of this blog post, I have made available all the changes I made to ModelConverterX in a new development build now. This new build includes the features I blog about before. The main changes are: Added beginning of a FS2004 scenery MDL reader. Currently only the geometry and materials will be read correctly, but I am working on transformations and more advanced features already. The improved material editor GUI. Fixed problems with reading 32 bit … Continue reading Back home from Canada again

FSX material settings

Over the last days I have been working on extending the material settings supported by ModelConverterX. I have now come to the point that all of the specific settings that you can make with a FlightSimX material can be edited with ModelConverterX as welll. If you download the latest development build you can try it out. Adding this function has two main benefits. First it is possible to make more accurate settings for the material when converting API macros. For example the options for constant lighting or no shadows can be enabled now. The second benefit is that the material … Continue reading FSX material settings

Time for an update

It has been a while since I wrote on this blog, other things kept me a bit too busy lately. So it is time for an update! I am still working on the next release of ModelConverterX. I had hoped to have the version 1.0 release ready by now, but the last few bits seem to take slightly longer than planned. The only main feature I am still working on is the LOD Creator one. I want to add functionality that considers the texture mapping of the object as well. This however means I have to update my matrix inverse … Continue reading Time for an update

DevDays video

Last May I gave a presentation about ESP and FSX at the DevDays in Amsterdam. Until now I never found out what they did with the video recording of that session, but today I found it back on the MSDN website. It is in Dutch, so unfortunately not everybody will be able to understand what I am saying.

NLR at YouTube

At bit off topic maybe, but recently I found out that my company (the Dutch Aerospace Laboratory – NLR), put some nice promotion videos on YouTube. So if you might want to see a bit of the things I am doing for work have a look. Especially this video gives a nice overview of some of the simulation facilities I am working with.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2009

The last time I have been quite busy, so therefore there have not been any new posts on this blog recently. I have just come back from a short vacation in Belgium and am full of energy again to do some interesting FS related things in the remainder of my Christmas break. I plan to for a bit on the FSDeveloper forum and Wiki, work on the ModelConverterX tool and what else comes to mind. Probably I will have more plans than time, just like the years before… Let me wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a happy 2009 already.