Wat was waar

This title probably makes no sense to the non-Dutch readers, but it is the name of a website I came across today. On this website you can watch old maps and aerial photos of the Netherlands in a Google Earth style. And in this case with old I mean maps from the 19th century or aerial photos from the Second World War. So if that interests have a look at the site, I enjoyed it a lot browsing through it.


I have quite some books (despite my not so old age). I guess if I keep collecting them at this pace I will need a bigger house soon to store them, or I might have to give up some more space in the living room. In the past I have tried some computer programs to catalog all the books I have, but I never found any that I found easy to work with. But last week I read in the newspaper about a site called LibraryThing. As a test I entered about two shelves of my books and I think … Continue reading LibraryThing

Strange maps

 A few days ago I came across this very cool blog that has a collection of all sorts of interesting maps. For example I found a blog post their about some Dutch annexation plans  after the second  World War. But there are is also a nice post about the presidential elections in France from last weekend. I am not sure if more scenery designs are such “map idiots” like me, but have a look at this blog if you are. 

Europa Universalis

As a little exception, this blog post has nothing to do with Flight Simulator. Sometimes, when I am not designing scenery or developing new tools, I like to play a computer game as well. Ever since I picked up a copy of the game Europa Universalis II from a bargain bin, I have been a great fan of the strategy games made by the Swedish company Paradox Interactive. In these games you start with a country in a historical setting and then you can try all sort of what-if scenarios to see if you can alter history a little bit. … Continue reading Europa Universalis

The forgotten Douglas

Those who visited the SceneryDesign.org forums in the past might recognise my old avatar in the picture on the left. This aircraft is (one of) my favorite aircraft and as it is a little unknown I was thinking about writing a blog post about it for a while already. So here is that blog post. For those that have not yet recognised hte aircraft from this little avatar, I am talking about the Douglas DC-5. Ever since I once borrowed the book “De Douglas DC-5” from Piet Kok from the library, I have liked this aircraft a lot. Currently I … Continue reading The forgotten Douglas

New York

I am already a few days back from my trip to New York and here is a little travel report. Unfortunately I also brought back a bit of flu, so that is why I have not been really active the last days. Our trip started at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and luckily we departed from the G-pier, so I had a good look at the recently opened H-pier (I just modeled that one, so I wanted to check if it looked right). The flight itself was with Delta Airlines in a Boeing 767-300. Luckily I had a window seat on this … Continue reading New York