Video tutorials on Wiki working again

Today we found out that during the server move a few weeks ago, the video tutorials on the FSDeveloper Wiki got broken. They were no longer playing or available for download. It was just a tiny server setting that disallowed the video format, but that has been fixed now. So the video tutorials are available for you again!

FSDeveloper server move – status update 3

By now the domain name is pointing to the new server. So the move is done. It might take a little while before the updated reaches you though. So if you still get the “offline message” of the forum you are still pointing to the old server. Please be patient until the update reaches you.

FSDeveloper server move – status update 2

A little update about the server now. The databases and other content (like attachments) have been migrated successfully. We have performed a test on the new server and everything seems to be working fine. So the next step is to point the domain to the new server and update the DNS. We are currently working on that. This should hopefully be finished soon as well, so that you can reach the new server. I’ll post another update once that is done.

FSDeveloper connectivity – part 4

This Sunday, November 28th, we plan to move the FSDeveloper website to another server. This move is necessary to fix the connectivity problems we had a couple of weeks ago. We have already tested that the site runs fine on the new server. So what we will do Sunday is close the site on the current server. Then we will copy the database with all the current information to the new server. Afterwards we will point the domain to the new server. This whole process should take a few hours. We will start with this work at 17:00 CET on … Continue reading FSDeveloper connectivity – part 4

FSDeveloper connectivity – part 3

A few weeks ago we had trouble with the connectivity of the FSDeveloper server. This has now been fixed by a quick work around. But after discussing with the hosting company we came to the conclusion that a real fix would be to move FSDeveloper virtual server to another machine (a 64 bit one, instead of the current 32 bit one). In the next days we (the admins) will start with the preparations for this move. You will not notice anything of these preparations. But once everything is installed on the new server we will have to close the FSDeveloper … Continue reading FSDeveloper connectivity – part 3

The past FSWeekend

This weekend it was the yearly FSWeekend again the Aviodrome aviation museum in Lelystad. I was there at both the FSDeveloper and NL2000 stand. I think it was a good event again, with a lot of people visiting, especially on the Saturday. It was always nice to talk with the users of the NL2000 scenery and to answer their questions. In the FSDeveloper stand we demonstrated the usage of SketchUp. It was interesting to see that many people knew about SketchUp or had even tried it before. But most of them were not yet aware of the possibility to use it for … Continue reading The past FSWeekend

FSWeekend, FSDeveloper & SketchUp

Like last year FSDeveloper will be present at the upcoming FSWeekend event. It is the biggest Flight Simulation event in the world and will be organised on November 6 & 7 in the Aviodrome aviation museum at Lelystad airport. This year our special theme will be the usage of SketchUp for modelling scenery objects for FSX. We will have a one or two computers available, so that you can give SketchUp a go at the event! And of course some users from the community will be available to give you a hand if needed. If you bring some reference material … Continue reading FSWeekend, FSDeveloper & SketchUp

FSDeveloper connectivity

At the moment there are some issues with the connectivity of the FSDeveloper website. So it can happen that you can not reach the site, in that case please try again in a few minutes. We are looking into this issue, together with the hosting company. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.