Quick status update on the different projects

Here is a quick status update for some of the projects I am working on. I know I have not blogged much recently. That is mainly because it is quite busy at my work recently, so that affects the amount of free time a bit. Unfortunately I don’t expect this will change very soon. In order of priority the projects have for me at the moment, these are some of the things I am working on: SketchUp tutorial At the FSWeekend in November there will be a FSDeveloper stand again (like last year). This year I plan to let visitors … Continue reading Quick status update on the different projects

FSDeveloper on your smartphone?

Do you want to access the FSDeveloper forum on your smartphone as well? We have installed a plugin so that you can now use the Tapatalk application for the FSDeveloper forum as well. With the free version of this application you can read the forum and with the paid version you can also post new messages easily from your smartphone. Hopefully this is useful to some users.


Ever since I started making scenery for Flight Simulator, you could get almost any tool you wanted using scenery.org. That site provided a great overview of tools and tutorials for scenery designers. Sadly last week the site went offline. This did not come as a huge surprise, since the owner Tom Gregor had already indicated before that running the site was becoming to expensive. After this message the FSDeveloper admins already contacted Tom Gregor to see if we assist in some way. We do have his permission to keep the tools and tutorials alive on FSDeveloper and we also have … Continue reading scenery.org

Emails working again

The problems we had at FSDeveloper, which resulted in no emails being sent out by the forum software have been solved. So from now on the forum notifications and the confirmations for users that are registering are working again. Thanks for your patience while we were solving this problem and a big thanks to fellow administrator Lefteris for finding what the problem exactly was.

FSDeveloper email problems

For a little while we are having email troubles at the FSDeveloper website. This means that the forum software is not sending out notifications of new posts. But more annoying is that also new users registrations also don’t get the confirmation email. We are working hard on solving these issues. If you have registered recently and are still waiting for the confirmation email, please contact me and I will active your account manually. We hope to have everything working as before again soon.

A nice surprise!

Yesterday I found a nice email in my inbox,I have received the Microsoft MVP award for another year. Last year, when the ACES studio had just been closed down for a couple of months, I was a little bit surprised already to still get the award. But to be honest, this year I was not expecting it at all. It is nice to see that MS is still appreciating the Flight Simulator community efforts. And of course the FS community is still going strong, there are many people still making their addons for FS2004 and FSX. Actually you can see … Continue reading A nice surprise!

Video tutorial about performance

Tomorrow there will be another online video tutorial on the FSDeveloper LiveStream channel. The subject of this tutorial is performance for 3D objects and the tutorial will start at 22:00 CET (21:00 UTC). The following topics will be covered: Definition of concepts important for the performance: levels of detail, drawcall and texture vertex Performance tips how to make best use of these concepts to optimize your performance Explanation of DXT compression for textures, which types are available and how does the compression work (and what does it do for the quality) I am almost finished with the preparations, so hope … Continue reading Video tutorial about performance

ModelConverterX tutorial on Wiki

The ModelConverterX tutorial I gave this evening on the FSDeveloper LiveStream channel, has also been uploaded to the Wiki now. So on both of these places you can now review this tutorial. Unfortunately I had a few bandwidth problems while recording the tutorial, so I had to restart two times. Sorry for the inconvenience for those who were following the tutorial live. Luckily it seemed there were not so many people watching live. When you watch the tutorial on the Wiki you won’t notice these trouble of course. Another comment I got from Nick halfway through is that the sound … Continue reading ModelConverterX tutorial on Wiki

ModelConverterX video tutorial

Just a little reminder that in two days there will be an online video tutorial about ModelConverterX. I think tutorial I will give a quick introduction to the tool and after that I will show how you can use it to convert old API macros into FSX MDL files or how to import them into GMax for further editing. So you are all invited to join this tutorial on Saturday 2nd of January at 20:00 CET on the FSDeveloper Livestream channel. See you there! And if you can’t make it the tutorial will be available on the Wiki afterwards as … Continue reading ModelConverterX video tutorial