Ground Polygon Wizard available

I have just released a new version of ModelConverterX. The big change in this new release is that the ground polygon wizard is now included. Before I will go into the details of how to use this wizard, let’s first take a look at the problems it is trying to solve. When creating ground polygons scenery designers usually encounter these problems:   You need the FS2002 gamepack, since that is still the preferred way to create ground polygons. Some of the files of the gamepack are only on the FS2002 Pro disks, which means you have to find all kind of work … Continue reading Ground Polygon Wizard available

Leaking memory

Tonight I have been doing some memory leak hunting in ModelConverterX. I have found (and fixed) a few leaks in the 3D preview of the objects. So from the next development release you should see less memory being used, especially when you make changes in the material editor. Also when browsing through object libraries or making an object report you should see less memory usage. I can’t guarantee that all memory leaks are gone, but at least these are fixed.

Ground polygons and autogen

Just before my vacation I already posted about the ground polygons wizard for ModelConverterX. Since then I have been working more on this feature and it is almost ready for inclusion in the development release. This wizard allows you to export your ground polygons without the FS2002 GMax gamepack, ModelConverterX will take care of converting them to the right format to behave as proper ground polygons. At the moment I am doing the last testing and removing some minor bugs. Parallel to this I am also enhancing the output of the ground polygons wizard to prevent suppression of autogen by … Continue reading Ground polygons and autogen

Convert Wizard update

I have released an update of the ModelConverterX Convert Wizard functionality. The main changes are: There is now also an option to combine textures while converting, thereby reducing the amount of drawcalls Before starting the conversion the wizard now checks if all compilers (like BGLComp and XtoMDL) can be found. If not the user will get a clear message box to remind that these settings have to be provided first. I have also fixed some other smaller bugs in the wizard. I hope the wizard proves to be useful to users who just want to convert and place a few … Continue reading Convert Wizard update

ModelConverterX Convert Wizard

Today I have added a new feature to the ModelConverterX development release, the convert wizard. This function makes it even easier to convert and place an object into Flight Simulator. I have added this feature mainly with the novice developer in mind. Somebody who just wants to add a few objects to Flight Simulator. Even for such a task multiple tools are often needed. You might model it in SketchUp, then you convert it to a MDL file with ModelConverterX, place it in a library with Library Creator XML and finally position it at the correct location with WhisPlacer. That … Continue reading ModelConverterX Convert Wizard

Fixed camera views

I have added another small feature to ModelConverterX tonight. This is something I had in mind for some time already. You can now select a number of viewing directions for the preview. This allows you to fix the view to the front or left for example. In some case that makes it easier to monitor the object. When not in “Free rotate” mode you will not be able to rotate the preview, but you can still pan and zoom it.

Animation editor

A new editor has been added to ModelConverterX, the animation editor. At this moment the functionality of the editor is still limited, you can use it to remove animations from the object. You can select at which keyframe you want to fix the geometry and then that becomes the static state of the object. The pictures below show how this can work for the default Baron. For this simple functionality I would not have to make a special editor of course. But there are other animation related features on the wishlist, so these will be added to the animation editor … Continue reading Animation editor

Nasty bug

With the recent changes I made to ModelConverterX, a nasty bug slipped into the code. This results in trouble reading MDL files, mainly FS2004 scenery MDL files. This nasty bug has been fixed now and the updated version is available from tomorrow as the development release. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Some ModelConverterX updates

I have made some updates to ModelConverterX today. These are the main changes: Fixed some issues with exporting animations to the FSX MDL format. Sometimes some animations were missing after exporting, this should be solved now. Improved the part of the MDL reader that reads the custom variables used in aircraft MDL files. These should now be read better and I have also expended the list of known variables, so that more of them should have a meaningful name now. Only for old FS98 MDL files the names seem not correct yet, I will work on that. Fixed a bug … Continue reading Some ModelConverterX updates

Library Creator XML update

I have just released a small update for Library Creator XML. In version 2.0.3 the following changes have been made: Added: option to export TXT file with GUIDs and names Added: option to export SBuilderX style TXT file Fixed: bug that last object was not showing when scrollbar visible Fixed: bug with incorrect FS2004 GUID being generated sometimes You can get the new version from the FSDeveloper downloads section.