Bye bye MVP

Since 2006 I was lucky to get an email every April 1st telling me that I had been awarded a MVP award for that year. But this year I have not been so lucky, I got a message my award has not been continued. So thanks to Microsoft of the opportunity of being an MVP for those years. Of course this won’t influence my FS activities at all. I will still continue doing what I enjoy doing, making tools for scenery designers, trying to find the limits of FS and running the FSDeveloper community.

A nice surprise!

Yesterday I found a nice email in my inbox,I have received the Microsoft MVP award for another year. Last year, when the ACES studio had just been closed down for a couple of months, I was a little bit surprised already to still get the award. But to be honest, this year I was not expecting it at all. It is nice to see that MS is still appreciating the Flight Simulator community efforts. And of course the FS community is still going strong, there are many people still making their addons for FS2004 and FSX. Actually you can see … Continue reading A nice surprise!

MVP for another year

Today I got the message that I have received the MVP award again, so I will be MVP for another year. Of course it is a nice reward for the community work done in the previous year, but still it feels a bit weird since the ACES team has been dissolved. So I guess for the next year I’ll be a MVP without a product team to interact with.

Welcome to the club Jon

We have another FS MVP. Jon Masterson, better know as scruffyduck on the forums, has been awarded the MVP award. Most of you will probably know him from his activity on different FS forums, including FSDeveloper, and from the ADE tool he is working on. Congratulations on the award Jon and keep up the good work!

Award extended

Today I heard that I got a new MVP award for this year, so that is great news. I will be able to support the community again as good as I can with the FSDeveloper website.

This years MVP summit

You might already have read on the blog of Owen or Nick that the MVP summit of this year is starting soon. Unfortunately I will not be able to be there. That is a pitty, as I would have loved to meet Owen, Nick and the other MVP’s in person. But after traveling to the DevCon last November I have to save some traveling budget again, so maybe next year I can be there.

Two new FS MVPs

Two more FS MVPs have been added recently, Lefteris Kalamaras and Brian Gefrich. Congratulations to them and I think we should be very happy with the increasing number of FS MVPs around in the community. Also check Owens blog post with some more info about these new MVPs. 

April 1st joke?

Yesterday I found an email message from MS in my inbox. Although the date might make you a little suspicious, this email was certainly no joke. My MVP award has been extended for another year, so that is great news. Time has gone quite fast the last year, it does not seem like a year ago that I got my award. Hopefully this next year will also bring good interaction with the ACES team, to the benefit of FS and the developer community.

More MVPs

Yes, I am late. I am sure that by now you have already read that we have some extra Flight Simulator MVPs since a few days. But I still would like to welcome them all: Noel Deyoung Owen Hewitt Norman BlackburnDudley Henriques And it seems Pete Dowson also received the award, but he is not listed on the MVP page yet.