Managed SimConnect Client SDK

Tim Gregson (or Beatle) has released a beta version of a new managed SimConnect client SDK a few days ago, check out his blog for all the details. He has also posted some details about the usage in another post already. For those that are using SimConnect a lot in their applications I think this is an interesting development to follow. And a big thanks to Tim for releasing this work of course.


Some weeks ago I wrote about some code I wrote to control FSX using the CIGI interface with SimConnect. This week we finally had the time at work to test if the code actually works. So we loaded FSX, started our simulation host and tried it. After some configuration issues it worked very well. FSX proved to be a beautiful visual to be used with our simulation. And using SimConnect I could easily control the eyepoint of the own aircraft and all the other traffic flying around. Of course there are still other things to add, like control of the … Continue reading FSX and CIGI

SimConnect and CIGI

For some while already I wanted to learn a bit more about SimConnect and this week I found a good reason to do so. I wanted to try if I could connect FSX to CIGI. CIGI stands for Common Image Generator Interface and this is a common way in professional simulations to talk between the simulation host and the image generators. At work we also make use of CIGI for this. What I wanted to do is try to use FSX as an image generator with our simulation host, so for that I needed to connect FSX to CIGI. This … Continue reading SimConnect and CIGI

Are they listening?

Complaining about the SDKs has been a favourite thing to do among developers for years. With previous versions of FS we always had to wait for ages to get them and of course it never told us what we wanted to know for our project (how could MS forget to include what I needed to know). I am sure you can all remember those good old time. But that is enough sarcasm for now. With FSX things have improved a lot already, the SDK shipped with the initial release and I think I can say that the quality and usefulness … Continue reading Are they listening?

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is almost there, so I would like to take this opertunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Of course I will spend the Christmas days with my family, but for the rest this time of year is a good opportunity to catch up with some of the things I want to do for a long time already. So those two weeks without having to go to work are already quite full with plans for things to do. I guess the best thing I could wish from Santa Claus (apart from the fact we already celebrated Sinterklaas, so no … Continue reading Merry Christmas!


The last week [Nick] and I have been quite busy in getting our idea for a bigger community going. For those of you who missed the previous posts where we talked about this, let me start with a short explanation of the idea. The plan is to create a community for FS addon developers, it should be a place where they can discuss their (technical) issues with other developers. So the main focus is that it is for developers only, no normal users blaming you that you modelled that aircraft nose a few milimeters wrong or that your building is … Continue reading FsDeveloper