ModelConverterX on Linux

Yesterday I updated my Linux machine to the latest version of Ubuntu. One of the components that was updated along the way was Wine. So this morning I decided to try to start ModelConverterX using Wine. I had tried this before, but then it resulted in a crash as far as I remember, because one of the DLL files tried to access a Windows specific function. But, slightly to my surprise, ModelConverterX now ran fine. Below you see a screenshot of the tool in action on Ubuntu, loading a FSX MDL file. I think it is good news the tools … Continue reading ModelConverterX on Linux

FSX SDK on Linux

Your first question might be why I would like to do this? There are multiple reason for that, but the main reason is that I was not so pleased with processing my big aerial imagery on Vista. It just doesn’t seem to work nicely when you are processing files of a few GB in size. So I decided to do the processing of my imagery on my other machine that is running Linux. After the processing was done I had the option to copy the resulting image file back to my Windows machine to make the BGL or I could … Continue reading FSX SDK on Linux