How do I move the SUS content from one drive to other drive locally?

In this Article, I will explain how to move SUS content from one drive to other drive locally in simple steps.


1. Firstly, stop the following services from the Command Prompt;


Net Stop W3SVC [World Wide Web Publishing Service]

Net Stop WUSYNCSERVICE [Software Update Services Synchronization Service]


2. Copy Source Drive:\SUS\Content to Target Drive:\SUS\Content


3. Edit “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\autoupdate\dictionaries\settings.txt”


Change: CabPoolPath, SourceDrive:\SUS\content\cabs

To: CabPoolPath, TargetDrive:\SUS\content\cabs


4. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager snap in from Administrative Tools – From Default Web Site, Right click to the following 3 virtual folders and select properties, & Change the “Local Path” setting to the Target Drive.






5. Re-start the 2 services, which we stopped in the first step.


6. Open SUS console and synchronize the content to make sure it works.




This article is now available on How To move Software Update Services (SUS) content from one drive to other drive locally How To Migrate Software Update Services, SUS to another SUS Server

3 thoughts on “How do I move the SUS content from one drive to other drive locally?

  1. This is definitely not working. What I tried to make sure it’s working, I renamed the old SUS content, but then I cannot even access the Susadmin site. When I restart IIS, I can access it, but then nothing is working. The error message Page cannot be displayed.

    When I look into the register, I see a bunch of values pointing to d:\sus\content (old location), also under HKLM\System\Controlset002\Services\W3SVC\Parameters\Virtual Roots.

    I’ve set everything back to its old location. If can you provide me a solution that’s working, please email me to:



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