Day -1: Singapore Asia Pacific MVP Summit.

Hey All,

As I have blogged earlier, I am in Singapore to attend Asia Pacific Regional MVP Summit. It’s really exciting here and I met couple of MVP’s from India, Srilanka, Australia … and I am mingling with them. We really had a good session today from speakers like Cally Ko, Sean O` Driscoll, Manish, Lori and some other evangelists too. We had a good demo on Longhorn. I got to learn about Exchange 12 & Office 12, it looks to be promising.

Hectic day and later in evening we spent our time in Singapore Night Safari. Oh let me tell you we had good fun right after the dinner along with Indian MVP’s. It was good to see Sean on the stage with tremendous foot-work (dance dance) and some good performance even without the laptop with him…it was really fun to see him and the FIRE SHOW was fabulous. May be someone will POST the pictures too.

Then we all went for Night Safari and it was good to see the the Elephants, Tigers, Lions and many beautiful animal creatures.

It’s almost 1 AM in the morning.

Happy Reading!
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