Day -2: Singapore Asia Pacific MVP Summit.

So, day- 2 was not so bad. Being a Windows Server MVP, we had a session on PKI which was boring with just little content. Later in the evening, we had a session on Tuning Terminal Service performance by Dan Fox and I really learned some good things out of this session.


  • Don’t enable /PAE Switch in boot.ini on a Terminal Server, because those switches change the partition between the application memory space and kernel memory space. These switches gives each application 3GB of memory, which in turn only leaves 1GB for the kernel—a disaster in Terminal Server environments! . It has got some issues. More on

  • Disable Network Drives and Network Printers from User properties Terminal Services Tab. It eats your network bandwidth and CPU too at the time of logging in to windows.

We also had a session on Microsoft System Center – Data Protection Manager aka DPM this was really rocking..!! It’s a new concept and the application is still on BETA. One thing to remember that is it works on Windows Server 2003 and only backup your File Server which Microsoft has really to think on! I gave some feedback to the PM, Karandeep Anand of DPM group and let’s see how it goes in future. Join the DPM Community

Read the DPM Product Overview & Get Answers to Frequently Asked DPM Questions

Happy Reading!
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2 thoughts on “Day -2: Singapore Asia Pacific MVP Summit.

  1. Good posting dude!

    BTW, thanks for your feedback on DPM. Hope you had a chance to try out DPM in your environment.



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