List all .PST files on a computer

This article will explain you how to list all .PST files on a computer.

Many folks use .PST file with Outlook, so do I and I found this short cut to list all the .PST files in your hard drive. This is achieved by a single command;

CMD: Dir /b /s /d Your_Drive:\*.pst >List_All_PST.txt

This command will search for *.PST in Your_Drive. Replace Your_Drive with your drive ‘C’ or ‘D’.

To automate this task, you can run a batch file as shown below;

@echo off
Echo This batch file will give a list of all .PST files on a computer.
Echo Save this file as “List_All_PST.cmd”
Echo Batch file created by Mohammed Athif Khaleel,
@echo on
dir /b /s /d D:\*.pst >List_All_PST.txt

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