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Hello Folks,

Many of us are testing Windows Server Updates Services aka WSUS and if you are looking for support or technical assistance or having BUGS, Microsoft has established a OEP Beta Newsgroups, private newsgroup where you can discuss feedback & technical issues with other evaluators. Visit the Newsgroup Support page for instructions on how to access the Newsgroup.

You can use Microsoft’s Web interface or use an NNTP Newsreader to read these groups at;

Username: wusoepnews
Password:   Update (case sensitive)

Note: Microsoft has re-located the News Group Servers. Instead of the old user name “betanews\wusoepnews“, use “wusoepnews” (password is still “Update”).

To file a bug
 Go to the BetaPlace Web site ( ).
 Sign in with a Microsoft .NET Passport account. If you don’t have a Passport account, you can create one.
 In the Guest ID box, type WUSOEPPart. The Guest ID is case sensitive.
 Click the WUS Open Evaluation Program link.
 Click the Submit a Bug link.

Microsoft Newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions

4 thoughts on “WSUS OEP News Groups

  1. All of the computers in my organization have recently contacted the WSUS server.

    All of them, however, have a last status report over 3 days. All of the reg

    settings, GPOs, and WSUS files (installer 3.1, BITS 2.0, etc.) are current.

    Since the computers have not reported their status to WSUS, WSUS cannot proceed with installing updates. The computer itself has progress with installing software, but it isn’t reported on the WSUS server. How is it possible that the clients can contact the WSUS server hours ago, but cannot provide the WSUS server their last status report?

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