How do I migrate Print Server?


Migrating Print Servers is one of the tedious job and involves lot of Administrative effort, isn’t it? NO, actually it’s easy task. In this article, I will explain how to migrate the Print Server with less Administrative pain and with the best practices.

Migrating Print Server involves;

1.      Inventory of all the Printers
2.      Inventory of all the Printer drivers
3.      Inventory of all the Printer users
4.      Collect Printer Drivers
5.      Configure new Printer Server & the Clients

Actually, you can do this by one click using Windows Print Migrator 3.1

What it does?

1.      Print Migrator provides complete backup,
2.      Restore and
3.      Migration operations for Windows NT-based operating systems

Procedure to backup:

Open Microsoft Printer Migrator
click on Action and select Backup
Specify File name for the backup with the Target Server & it backsup the Printers, Printer drivers, Printer ports and compresses in a .CAB file
Procedure to restore:

To restore, all you need to is, open Microsoft Printer Migrator
Click on Action and select Restore
Specify the backup location and the target server to restore
You can also do the same task by using the command line option

Usage: PRINTMIG [options] [server]

       [-?] Display this message
       [-b] Backup – followed by CAB file name
       [-r] Restore – followed by CAB file name
       [-l] Attempt to convert LPR Ports to SPM
       [-i] Suppress warning popups.  Info still written to log file

If server is not specified then the local machine is implied.

Example command line to restore an existing config to a server:
  printmig -r d:\print\

Example command line to backup a server to the specified file:
  printmig -b “
\\filesrv\store\print server” \\prt-srvr2 

Download details:

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