Offically Confirmed: WSUS OEP news group is not working!(II)

In continuation to my Post on WSUS OEP news group is not working!, I got a confirmation from WSUS Team as follows;

“They did a newsgroup migration to a new server and require all external users to do the following:

If you are using the betanews internal server MSBETANEWS; you have to delete and re-create your account on Outlook Express to use “”.  External testers will also have to delete and re-create their accounts on Outlook Express.  Use the following steps:

·         Launch Outlook Express.

·         From top navigation bar, select Tools, then Accounts.

·         Select the Add button. Click News, and then follow the instructions in the Internet Connection Wizard.

·         Enter your name and e-mail address when prompted and choose Next after each entry.

·         On the Internet News Server Name Page, enter and check the box My news server requires me to log on. Click Next.

·         For account name, enter either your BetaID (external users) or internal account name (product group team account). Do NOT use “\betanews” in front of account name.

·         Enter your password, then click Next.

·         Click Finish.

·         Select Close and begin downloading your newsgroup(s)”

NOTE: Instead of the old user name “betanews\wusoepnews”, use “wusoepnews” (password is still “Update”).

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