WSUS: How to elude repeated patch installations using Automatic Update Client (WUA) with WSUS / SUS


If you are using Software Update Services, SUS for Patch-Management, some times you notice, some of the patches are getting downloaded & installed repeatedly. This is really weird for the end users.


The is because of superseding patches and hence, they keep on downloading & installing repeatedly..


To elude this behavior, you need to identify the patch which is getting installed repeatedly.The respective security bulletins will list the superseded Patches. You have to check for Security Update Replacement in the bulletin, (

You can choose whether to automatically approve revisions. If you do not choose to automatically approve the revised version, the older version will continue to be approved. When an update supersedes the previous update then you have to approve Superseding update first and then decline the superseded (outdated) update. Before declining superseded updates, it is recommended that you approve the superseding update first and verify that the superseded updates are no longer needed by any computers.

To summarize, the workaround is:
1. Identify the patch which is installed repeatedly.
2. If that patch is superseding then Approve the latest one &
3. Un-Approve the old patch.

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