Quick AU Client Detection & Installation with Windows Server Updates Services, WSUS

Most of you want security updates / patches to be installed quickly. This is one of the approaches to Force Automatic Security Updates installation / Quick WUA Client detection & installation. It involves both server & client configuration.

Server Configuration:

1. Automatic Detection Frequency: For Quick AU Client detection, you can set the value of “Automatic Detection Frequency” to lesser value based on WSUS Server hardware configuration + number of clients in the network. It actually Specifies the hours that WUA will use to determine how long to wait before checking for available updates. The exact wait time is determined by using the hours specified here minus zero to twenty percent of the hours specified. For example, if this policy is used to specify a 20 hour detection frequency, then all clients to which this policy is applied will check for updates anywhere between 16 and 20 hours.

There is a known issue if the detection cycle if it is set to very low say every 1-3 hours. For more information see Reporter failed to upload events with hr = 80244008.

2. Set the deadline for a known missing update to a date in the past which will force the install as the deadline is already completed & the patch has to install immediately.

Client Configuration:

3. Last but not the least, Run this command to force the client detection, “wuauclt /detectnow”.

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  1. So once I’ve set a deadline on a patch, how can I review deadlines? There’s no way in the gui to filter patches that have deadlines set!

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