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Q. Does Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) support patches for Exchange 2000?


A. YES, WSUS Supports patches for Windows 2000+, Exchange 2000+, SQL Server 2000+, and Office XP+ with expanding support. More information on


Quoting from WSUS Overview document, “Initially, Microsoft Update, to which at least one WSUS server must connect to get available updates and update information,  will make available updates for Microsoft Windows, Office, SQL Server, and Exchange. Additional Microsoft product updates will become available on Microsoft Update in the future.”


More information on WSUS Guides.


Q. If you have a group setup in WSUS as detect-only and you change the options to install, do the updates that are set as detect-only ever get installed after the change or do those updates need to be changed manually?


A. YES, they do get installed after the change. But, this is only after Automatic Update Client (AU) completes the next detection cycle which can be configured for AU Client at the following location in the registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU, DetectionFrequency (Reg_DWORD) = Time between detection cycles. DetectionFrequency (use default value of 22 hours).


For Quick AU Client Detection & Installation with Windows Server Updates Services, WSUS, see


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