WSUS Export Import: Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) FAQ Continued – II

While Exporting WSUS to a disconnected network server, the following error is logged in the the import log file;

“<ImportError Message=”The metadata format is incorrect” /></ImportLog>”

The import was not succesfull and eventually, export fails.


WSUS Admin wants to modify the metadata so that the downsteram WSUS Admin should not be able to see the Un-Approved Updates and so he plays with Package.xml file.

Looks like he is modifying the meta data. This is logged from Package.XML”
edited with XMLSPY v5 rel. 3 U ( by Christophe Michel (Thales Security Systems) 

And, obivously the import – export fails.

That was right. The user (WSUS Admin) says, “it will work if i don’t touch both files. The reason why i modified the two files is that i want to import only appoved metadata in order to downstreamed administrator can’t check metadata not approved bu the first online WSUS server.”

Moraly of the story: Do not play with the XML file to modify the meta data. That is not supported.

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