New RSS Feeds for Security Highlights, Headlines, and Local News

TechNet subsidiaries around the world have been hard at work over the past few weeks, preparing RSS feeds of TechNet home page highlights, security headlines, and local news (see the What’s New page on TechNet for a complete list). The RSS feeds are now available for your reading pleasure in the RSS reader of your choice.

Automatic Updates Client (AU Client) Tales from the Script — By The Scripting Guys

If you are wondering how to manage Automatic Updates Client (AU Client) like; Determining Whether the Automatic Updates Service is Installed Determining Whether Automatic Updates is Enabled Enabling Automatic Updates Determining the Automatic Updates Schedule Modifying the Automatic Updates Schedule Determining whether a Computer Needs to be Rebooted Reviewing Updates on a Computer Searching for Updates Determining if a Particular Update has Been Installed or more, using simple Scripts, then you MUST check this article By The Scripting Guys on For more information, see the Windows Update Agent API that enable system administrators and programmers to access Windows Update and … Continue reading Automatic Updates Client (AU Client) Tales from the Script — By The Scripting Guys

WSUS FAQ: WSUS reboot message

Many a times folks email me for issues related to WSUS and from this time I will blog those emails which can serve as an FAQ too. The email follows; ================================================== Mail from Patch Management:Sender: ClaudioEmail: cponcini@pan-energy.comIP Address: x.x.x.xPlease, could you tell me if I can avoid that message to reboot the computer appear after a patch is delivered and installed in a computer ? The point is that we prefer to “apply” the patch when the computer is rebooted every morning and not at the same time that the path is installed. We know that it won’t be applied … Continue reading WSUS FAQ: WSUS reboot message

Follow-up Post: Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 removed from SUS

This is a Follow-up Post to Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 removed from SUS From Tuesday, May 17, 2005, Windows Installer 3.1 (v2) is available again on Software Update Services (SUS). More information on;en-us;894199&sd=RMVP#XSLTH3195121123120121120120 Credit: Thanks Kris Bries for your follow up on this post. Happy Patching!

Improve your PC’s security: Visit the new Protect Your PC site

It’s been a long time to blog here. I will try to be consistent 🙂 tho I cannot promise for hectic work load! I just noticed The New Protect Your PC site is live and ready to help you enhance the security of your PC. When you visit the site, it immediately detects which operating system your computer is running, yes, that’s TRUE…Give it a try. It then outlines the steps you can take right away to help strengthen your computer’s defenses.