Accidentally deleted WSUS Computer/Computer Group from WSUSAdmin Console


Computer group accidentally deleted from WSUSAdmin Console??


Don’t panic, this is at least not the DR situation!! All you have to do is to re-create the COMPUTER GROUP in WSUSAdmin console with the same name. Be patient, till WUA completes the next detection cycle & the computers will re-populate again in the newly created group using Client Side Targeting. If you are not using CST, then you have to manually move the computers from “Unassigned Computers” to the newly created group.


Computer/PC accidentally deleted from the respective Computer group in WSUSAdmin Console??


The same logic applies here. It will re-register at the time of next detection cycle.


WSUS Clients Showing Unknown in Reports Status of Computers

Quick Automatic Update Client Detection & Installation with Windows Server Updates Services:

WSUS: Script to Force the Update Detection from Automatic Update Client for updates on WSUS Server:

2 thoughts on “Accidentally deleted WSUS Computer/Computer Group from WSUSAdmin Console

  1. I think I’ve tried every web fix there is for this, and I haven’t found anything that works. For political reasons, I am not able to recreate the SID. I’ve tried deleting the PingID, SUSClientID and AccountDomainSID and recreating them at Windows Updates. I ran the Wuauclt /detectnow and CleanStaleComputers on the server. I’m absolutely stuck. The client and WSUS server just won’t talk at all now.

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