Baffled Windows Globe message appears sometimes after updates are installed

After the installation of updates by the Automatic Update Client, sometimes, windows globe appears in the task bar stating that the computer has been updated and it actually disappears if you double click on it. When do you see such globe appearing & why? If an update which was installed & which do not require a restart then, you will see windows globe to appear in the task bar with a notification that those updates have been successfully installed. This is just information and it disappears when you click on that notification.

Purge / Delete corrupted or Un-needed patches on WSUS Server

If you want to purge the downloaded patches on WSUS Server to cleanup / delete unneeded content, then you have to use the following tools; WSUSDebug PurgeUnneededFiles WSUSUTIL.exe Deleteunneededrevisions WSUSUTIL.exe Reset WSUSUTIL.exe Removeinactiveapprovals (optional) WSUS Debug Tool: Run PurgeUnneededFiles command to Purge unneeded content. This command deletes all files not needed on the WSUS server. WsusDebugTool.exe /Tool:PurgeUnneededFiles ***(NOTE: You have to decline the updates first.) WSUSUTIL.exe deleteunneededrevisions: Purges the metadata for unnecessary update revisions from the database. This is useful for managing WSUS with an MSDE database. ***(NOTE: this command should only be run after stopping the Windows Server Update Services website … Continue reading Purge / Delete corrupted or Un-needed patches on WSUS Server