The MOM Server failed to install agent


While trying to push agent install from MOM2005 Server, you may see the following errors;


The MOM Server failed to install agent on remote computer <FQDN>.
Error Code: -2147023174
Error Description: The RPC server is unavailable.
Microsoft Installer Error Description: No Description Available

The MOM Server failed to perform specified operation on computer <FQDN>.
Error Code: 5
Error Description: Access is denied. 


This is seen if MOM ACTION is account is not having the required privileges on the remote computer.


  1. Add MOM ACTION account to ‘Performance Monitor Users’ group (Members of this group have remote access to monitor this computer).
  2. Add MOM ACTION account to Local ‘Users’ group (Users are prevented from making accidental or intentional system-wide changes.  Thus, Users can run certified applications, but not most legacy applications).
  3. Grant MOM ACTION account ‘Manage auditing and security log’ permission (SeSecurityPrivilege).
  4. Grant MOM ACTION account ‘Allow log on locally’ permission (SeInteractiveLogonRight).
  5. Add MOM ACTION account to ‘Administrators’ group. (This is generally not recommended but if you  have tried all the 4 points above and still MOM agent install fails, then you might want try this last step).


This procedure worked for me on member servers.

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