Storing WSUS Content on a SAN

Storing WSUS Content on SAN is not supported and WSUS cannot be installed on a cluster. The content must be stored locally on WSUS Server.  More over, WSUS runs under the context of the “Network Service” account which will not have permissions to external network resources.


One thought on “Storing WSUS Content on a SAN

  1. Hi,
    We’ve just got WSUS deployment talking to our Netapp SAN over IScsi – system on local server C:, content on SAN. Whilst I realise this takes us out ‘supported’ configuration, but then everything we do ends up like this as MS are not flexible enough for complex enterprises, it does work. Unfortunately, its down to your SAN hardware/software whether you’ll be able to apply the “Network Service” permissions to the drive, but ours does. Performance has been excellent.

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