Step-by-Step Microsoft CRM 1.2 Migration to CRM 3.0 – Part I

Ok, I am involved in CRM 1.2 migration to CRM 3.0 and I thought I had rather share my CRM migration experience :-).

Before you do and In-Place-Upgrade, you might want to easily replicate the CRM 1.2 installation in test-bed using Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Redeployment Tools which includes User Data Export Wizard and the Microsoft CRM Redeployment Wizard.

1. Backup the following from the Production aka Live Server;

  • Run User Data Export Wizard (\Export folder), to extract Active Directory information about CRM OU, its structure, the CRM users, their roles and group memberships n 2 XML files named “Mapping.xml” and “Deployment.xml”. XML
  • Now, you will have to backup the CRM SQL Database from the production server 

                a.      Organization_Name_MSCRM Database
                b.      Organization_Name_METABASE

  • Also, use BackupCrystal.exe (\ReportsTool folder) to backup Organization_Name_Crystal Database. (Note: Crystal password should be blank)
  • Export the Customizations – To export Customization.xml, Browse to Start -> Programs -> Deployment Manager and right click on the top node and select Export Customizations.
  • Export the Work Flow – To export Workflow.xml , Browse to Start -> Programs -> Microsoft CRM > Export Workflow.

2. Restore the following to the TEST SERVER;

  • Restore the MS CRM Databases (On the NEW Server) 

              a.       Organization_Name_MSCRM Database
              b.       Organization_Name_METABASE Database

  • Install Redeployment Tools.

  • Import “Mapping.xml” and “Deployment.xml” XML files on the test-bed, use Microsoft CRM Redeployment Wizard (\Redeploy folder) to import Active Directory information about CRM OU, its structure, the CRM users, their roles and group memberships in to the Active Directory, (Note that you will need to have Active Directory, Exchange Server & CRM Server with SQL Database in your test-bed)

3. Now, you might want to run Microsoft CRM 3.0 Upgrade Advisor Wizard (CrmUpgradeAdvisor.exe) to determine if your Microsoft CRM 1.2 installation can be upgraded to Microsoft CRM 3.0. Make sure the report is clean before you proceed.

4. Install CRM 3.0. 

5. Finally, Import Workflow.xml and Customization.xml.

This is not so easy and you might encounter several issues. In my next blog entries, I will try to cover those 🙂

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”  –Aristotle

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