Step-by-Step Microsoft CRM 1.2 Migration to CRM 3.0 Part – III


Moving ahead to the next issue you might encounter error: “An error occurred during mapping the computer accounts – the mapping failed” if the “Deployment.xml” file contains mapping of old (in my case it was old CRM server) servers which are not existing in the Active Directory.

<mapping type=”computer role=” dbname=” oldguid=”{3fbd6178-2aad-4911-8b46-8f00547de3e0} newguid=”<update manually> oldname=”CN=CRM-OLD-SERVER,CN=Computers,DC=sadad,DC=com newname=”<update manually> oldsid=”S-1-5-21-622582695-539100016-4190993944-1642 newsid=”<update manually> />

To circumvent this problem, you have to delete the above mapping for OLD-SERVERS. Save Deployment.xml and run RedeployWizard.exe successfully.

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