Double clicking a folder opens Search Companion

One of the forum members on posted a problem on NTarabia with a strange issue and I thought to share that here.

Question: “When I double click any folder instead of opening the folder its going for the Search Option”


You have the following options;

1. Run this command from command prompt
regsvr32 /i shell32.dll and do a Reboot. This should fix the search companion.

2. The other option is – Click Start, Run and enter REGEDIT and Navigate to:

Set the Default value to “none” without the quotes. To do this, double click where it says Default. If you want to do this automatically, then take a look at my script as attached on

Files: Fix_SearchCompanion_DIR.reg & Fix_SearchCompanion_DRIVE.reg. Run the files from the command prompt and restart your machine.

3. Also, take a look at a detailed solution offered by one of the MVP’s on

4. Last but not least, I also found an article on Microsoft;
Search Companion Starts If You Double-Click a Folder

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