Blocking MSN Messenger from ISA 2000 Server – Part I

Yesterday I was trying to block MSN Messenger from ISA 2000 Server in Cached mode.  I have done that before on ISA 2000 Server in Integrated mode using MSNIM.vbs script available from ISA Server Tools Repository – (Thanks Jim for excellent tools site).

When I ran the script, it gives the following message;

Creating (or updating) the FW App Settings
Creating (or updating) the protocol definition
Creating (or updating) the protocol rule
Error 0x80040361; At least one protocol must be specified. – while trying to set ISA up for MSN Messenger

I quickly wrote to ISA Server guru Jim Harrison and he replied – “ISA 2000 can’t block MSN Messenger using MSNIM.vbs script in cache mode”.

In Part -II we will see a cheeky method to block MSN Messenger from ISA 2000 Server.


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