Excellent Script to detect or download just the IMF Update

Scott Roberts posted an excellent vb script on http://blogs.technet.com/exchange/archive/2006/04/12/425060.aspx which can detect or download just the IMF Update’s based on the parameter passed whilst executing the script. This script is very handy as it detects / downloads IMF updates only.

To enable IMF updates using WSUS, take a look at my previous blog entry;

Updating Intelligent Message Filter v2 via WSUS


cscript //nologo imfUpdateScript.vbs Detect (this command will detect IMF updates).

cscript //nologo imfUpdateScript.vbs Install (this command will install IMF updates).

NOTE: I have saved the script as imfUpdateScript.vbs.

Scott also promised a post on the WSUS blog next week on how to create a script that will show how to do the automatic approval of IMF Updates only at the WSUS server. Kudos Scott!

UPDATE (5/14/2006): Posted the same on WSUS Scripts & Tools Repository blog.

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