When can you expect WSUS 3.0?

Referring to my previous blog entry What can you expect in WSUS 3.0?, WSUS Admins were curious to know more about the future release!!!

…You will be pleased to know that Microsoft will be talking about WSUS 3.0 release at the Microsoft Management Summit (www.mms2006.com) mid next week. Way to go!

2 thoughts on “When can you expect WSUS 3.0?

  1. So, has anything been posted after MMC for those of us holding out for TechEd 2006 instead of MMS? How about the slide deck or something. Please tell me that standalone WSUS 3.0 will be available. Mgmt here is pushing hard to move to Altiris and those of us that think that it’s a stupid idea want to be able to still use WSUS if they get their way. We are working hard on showing them that SMS is still the right thing to use and not to use Altiris (yuck!).

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