Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-019 – Be careful

So, before you apply Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-019 on Exchange Servers – Be careful. Take a look at the known issues. 912918 ( Users cannot send e-mail messages from a mobile device or from a shared mailbox in Exchange 2000 Server and in Exchange Server 2003. First, Find accounts that have the Full Mailbox Access permission without the Send As permission using the script from and grant the Send As permission either manually using DSA.msc or using the script -SetAll switch. And then, you are ready to apply MS06-019.

Error 0x80080008

SYMPTOMS So, Today I saw error 0x80080008 in “%Windir%\WindowsUpdate.log”. DnldMgr FATAL: DM:CBitsJob::SetCallbackHandler: SetNotifyInterface failed with 0x80080008. and eventually Download Manager failed. Looking at “%Windir%\WindowsUpdate.log” I saw the following statement – AU AU Restart required…. Also, I could see downloads in “%Windir%\SoftwareDistribution\Download” folder. Looking at the Event Log, I realized the computer was rebooted and Automatic Updates Service was set to MANUAL and obviously stopped. I immediately restarted the service and forced update detection and the error is gone. DnldMgr Download manager restoring 2 downloadsAgent   * Succeeded to load 2 persisted download callsDnldMgr Retrieved 2 persisted download jobsDnldMgr   * Restored download job. The computer succesfully updated.

VBScript to check if the new AU Client (WUA) is needed and installing it accordingly

The VBScript code below from Scripting Guru Torgeir Bakken (MVP) checks if the new AU client is needed on the computer, and runs WindowsUpdateAgent20-x86.exe if required in silent mode. Thanks Torgeir. NOTES: Adjust path in the sExePath variable. If the users are local administrators, you can run the script as part of a logon script. Alternatively, if the computers are in an Active Directory domain, you can do it in a computer startup script (with a GPO) that runs as part of the boot up process (before the user logs in). It runs under the system context and has admin … Continue reading VBScript to check if the new AU Client (WUA) is needed and installing it accordingly

WSUS Client Report Script by — Rob Dunn

So, if you are looking for a report of some/specific or all WSUS Clients, then you might want to check out Rob Dunn‘s script ‘WSUS_Client_Report.vbs‘.  This is really great. For instance, If I want to view a report of all WSUS Client computers in my Active Directory domain, then I can just enter any common letter such as “A” or “.” or “com” or “Domain-Name” in the input box and hit OK. Voila! You will see a report of all WSUS Client computers. This is very sweet. Thanks Rob! NOTES: You must be in the WSUS administrator’s group to see the report, and if you are running … Continue reading WSUS Client Report Script by — Rob Dunn

WSUS and SQL 2.0 Updates – No SQL Updates?

I don’t see SQL Updates in WSUSAdmin? You are not alone. Microsoft has not yet released any SQL updates to WSUS 2.0. As of today (5/17/2006) there is no SQL update content on WSUS 2.0. However, there are some updates for WMSDE but they are not classified as SQL Server updates.

Error 0x80004002

SYMPTOMS You see the following errors in “%Windir%\WindowsUpdate.log”. FATAL: Failed to get session from datastore, error = 0x80004002FATAL: Failed to Unserialize from data store, error = 0x80004002WARNING: Exit code = 0x80004002WARNING: InitAUComponents Failed, will restart AU in 30 mins, error = 0x80004002DnldMgr FATAL: DM:CAgentDownloadManager::CheckAllCallDownloadStates: GetSession failed with 0x80004002. WORKAROUND Try the following steps; Some of these steps might work. Rename/Delete “%Windir%\WindowsUpdate.log” before you start to see the latest detection. 1. If you have a proxy server – Stop Automatic Update Service – “Net stop wuauserv“. Run the following command: “proxycfg.exe -u”.  Start Automatic Update Service – “Net start wuauserv“. Force update … Continue reading Error 0x80004002

WUAUCLT /detectnow – VBS and GUI methods

So, how do you force the update detection? In this blog entry, let’s take a look at some of the techniques. Rob Dunn [WSUS MVP] has created this simple script to force remote computer to perform wuauclt.exe /detectnow using object methods. That’s cool Rob – Thanks again. ‘ —————START CODE—————strComputer = inputbox(“Enter a computer name to run WUA detectnow”,”Invoke detectnow”) if strComputer = “” then wscript.quit on error goto 0 Set autoUpdateClient = CreateObject(“Microsoft.Update.AutoUpdate”,strComputer) AutoUpdateClient.detectnow() wscript.echo “All done.”‘ —————-END CODE—————– For all GUI fans, take a look at WSUS – DETECTNOW 2.0 from With this GUI Tool, you can trigger detection for … Continue reading WUAUCLT /detectnow – VBS and GUI methods

Script to Check WSUS Client / Windows Update Agent (WUA) Settings is yet another WSUS Community Web-Site. This site is hosted in German language and I have used Google Translation (a free service) to translate in English. So here we go in English. My first pick is Check WSUS (version This .vbs script will Check WSUS Client / Windows Update Agent (WUA) Settings for any computer in the network. When you run this script, it will prompt you to enter Computer Name or IP Address of the machine that you want to check. A copy of the script is as follows; ‘———————START———————– ‘ Einstellungen für die automatischen Updates‘ … Continue reading Script to Check WSUS Client / Windows Update Agent (WUA) Settings

WSUSTER Update Approval Tool by — Arjan and Roland

How can I Approve multiple updates from WSUSAdmin? You can select more than one update at a time and can simply select the newest one, scroll down, hit shift and selet the oldest one. You should then have them all selected and can approve them all at once. Is there any tool that I can use ? WSUSster is an update approval tool for Microsoft Windows Update Services (WSUS). Take a look at the screenshot on According to the authors of this tool, “A WSUS Server has a very bad interface for approving updates. That’s why we decided to write our own approval … Continue reading WSUSTER Update Approval Tool by — Arjan and Roland

Web page solution to search/extract updates from WSUS content folder by — Robert Collewijn

This web page solution by Robert Collewijn will display (search/extract update) information about the update files and there location within the content directory structure. This enables to search for updates on WSUS Server and can be downloaded locally. The updates are stored in a content folder on the WSUS server with unrecognizable 40 character file name (C6C8B597D4268C65AFFC94C34F46C9147B109329.exe). This web page will display filename and download link & location associated with that unrecognizable 40 character file name. All you have to do is use the search option at top right to with the KB number. Give it a try! STEP-BY-STEP Download (inclusive … Continue reading Web page solution to search/extract updates from WSUS content folder by — Robert Collewijn