Configuring WSUS clients in a workgroup using WSUSClientManager by — Greg Chapman[MVP]

So, if you are in a workgroup environment and would like to configure WUA on workstations, then you might want to check WSUSClientManager – an Excel automation tool by Greg Chapman.

Greg recently posted this information on WSUS Mailing List;

WSUSClientManager is created in Excel 2003. Operation is simple and requires you to set your Excel macro security to Medium. Medium allows you to be prompted about disabling or enabling macros in an Excel document. The default setting is high and will prevent the VBA code in the spreadsheet from executing.

Open the Excel doc and enable macros when prompted. The AllHosts sheet is the one in which, starting with row 2, column A, you can list the NetBIOS names or IP addresses of your individual servers or desktops, read and write all the WSUS settings to all those hosts. The Individual Host Test sheet is intended to allow you to list a single host, read its settings, modify them and then write them back to the host without cycling through all your listed hosts. So, deal with your complete set of hosts on the AllHosts sheet and with only one or two on the Individual Host Test sheet.

Once you’ve listed your hosts, go to the MouseTrax WSUS Client Manager Menu and choose “Read WSUS Settings From Hosts”. This will retrieve any settings you’ve already configured on the host and write them to the spreadsheet. For each host, modify whichever settings you need to change and then, from the MouseTrax WSUS Client Manager menu, choose “Write WSUS Settings To Hosts”. Any errors in either operation will be written back to the spreadsheet in each host’s row in order to aid client troubleshooting.


When you use the “Write Settings…” menu choice, each host is issued the “wuauclt /resetauthorization /detectnow” command to initialize a scan from the host to the WSUS server.

This tool requires your hosts meet the following conditions:
– the account you are using has administrative access to the host
– Remote Registry service running on each host
– DCOM is enabled on each host
– WMI is running and you have administrative privileges under delegation on each host



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  1. When you Write the settings to the hosts, the script writes the value of the ScheduledInstallTime in Hexadecimal instead of Decimal. so if you set the ScheduledInstallTime to 23 PM The vlaue will be written as 35.

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