Web page solution to search/extract updates from WSUS content folder by — Robert Collewijn

This web page solution by Robert Collewijn will display (search/extract update) information about the update files and there location within the content directory structure. This enables to search for updates on WSUS Server and can be downloaded locally.

The updates are stored in a content folder on the WSUS server with unrecognizable 40 character file name (C6C8B597D4268C65AFFC94C34F46C9147B109329.exe). This web page will display filename and download link & location associated with that unrecognizable 40 character file name. All you have to do is use the search option at top right to with the KB number. Give it a try!


Download HotfixInfo.zip (inclusive the sub folders) into the following folder [C:\Program Files\Update Services\HotfixInfo]. Robert recommends this directory because the other Windows Server Update Service pages are also in the [C:\Program Files\Update Services] folder.

Open the [index.asp] file and change the following two (bold and italic) lines recording your confirguration.

‘*** Define default variables ***
Dim sWSUSContentDir, sWSUSContentSrv
sWSUSContentDir = “F:\WSUS\WSUSContent\”
sWSUSContentSrv = “http:\\WSUS\Content\”
More information on http://wsus.collewijn.info/main.php?page=hotfixinfo_enu.php


If IIS is using anonymous access, then user IUSR_MachineName is used to access the SQL server database. This is a local machine account on the IIS machine. Make sure IUSR_MachineName is granted security access to SUSDB with public and db_owner database roles for SUSDB so that it can. Typically, you need to grant SELECT permission on object ‘tbFile’, database ‘SUSDB’, owner ‘dbo.

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  1. I have also understand that Microsoft don’t feature in WSUS 3.0

    Feedback ID 227388
    Feedback Type Suggestion
    Status Closed
    Resolution Won’t Fix
    Opened Date 10/15/2006 10:08:05 PM
    Closed Date 10/19/2006 1:13:37 PM

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