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How can I Approve multiple updates from WSUSAdmin?

You can select more than one update at a time and can simply select the newest one, scroll down, hit shift and selet the oldest one. You should then have them all selected and can approve them all at once.

Is there any tool that I can use ?

WSUSster is an update approval tool for Microsoft Windows Update Services (WSUS). Take a look at the screenshot on

According to the authors of this tool, A WSUS Server has a very bad interface for approving updates. That’s why we decided to write our own approval tool which we called ‘Wsuster’. We used the tool to migrate from SUS to WSUS. At this moment we use the tool also for approving the new security updates that are released every month. And it works like a charm. Just with a few mouse clicks, new updates are approved and old ones are removed!

With the Wsuster approval tool you can:

  • Search specific type of updates.
  • Approve a lot of patches in one time.
  • Simulate you approval actions.
  • Approve updates for just one target group.
  • Disable your superseded updates.
  • and much more……

To use the tool you must install it on your WSUS Server.

The current version of the Wsuster Tool v 1.0 is available on (238 KB)

If you have any comments or feedback then, you can contact the authors here.


WSUSter Approval Tool

3 thoughts on “WSUSTER Update Approval Tool by — Arjan and Roland

  1. Tool is very power, but I miss an option to set the deadline date. So I still have to set it manualy.

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