After updating WSUS to WSUS SP1…


After updating WSUS to WSUS SP1…

  • You might see Red X on WSUS Updates Window in WSUSAdmin console and eventually Synchronization fails.

  • Content file download failed. Reason: The parameter is incorrect. Source File:
    Destination File:

  • Source: Windows Server Update
    Category: Synchronization
    Event ID: 386
    Synchronization failed. Reason: The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server.


This is a known issue. Once you upgrade to WSUS SP1, you might want to re-configure Synchronization Options (proxy settings – proxy password) in WSUSAdmin console as they are lost during the upgrade.

Save the settings and perform a manual sync to download the updates. Did it work for you?

4 thoughts on “After updating WSUS to WSUS SP1…

  1. Thanks, this worked for me! Interstingly, the Syncronization was successful, but it was hung up trying to download one of the updates (0.00 of 5.73 MB downloaded). Works fine now after putting back in the password.

  2. Excellent Solution Athif, i was struggling with problem for more than a month ic ouldn’t get any solution in this issue. This works for me and really Great…

    Thanks A lot for your Ultimate service…

    Mohammed Jailani

  3. I had this problem too, but its not working after resaving all sync-settings. do anybody know a further solution or anything else?

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