Disable the SSL warning in the To Do List

Many a times folks in WSUS newsgroup want to know if –

Is there a way to disable the SSL warning in the To-Do list in WSUSAdmin Console?

To Do List


WSUS has detected that you are not using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Microsoft recommends using SSL to secure administration and client to server communications for better security. For more information, see Using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).


I used to answer that as – “That is not documented anywhere!!. We will have to live with that”. But, thanks to Josh (poster in NG) for this cheeky workaround.


Make a backup of “C:\program files\Update Services\administration\home\welcome.aspx” file.

Then open the file in notepad and find the last section at the bottom that starts like this:

<td id=”tskNotUsingSSL” class=”Tasks” style=”display: none;”>

Now you can’t delete that line, but delete everything between the <div> and </div> right below that line – Which means you have to delete the following text between <div> and </div>;

          <a href=”” onclick=”ShowHelp(‘utilizing_SSL.htm’);return false;”
class=”B”><img src=”<%= Constants.VirtualRoot %>/Common/Images/Warning.gif”
align=”absmiddle” /><%= Resources.GetString(“L_HomeNotUsingSSLTitle_Text”)
              “<a href=\”\” onclick=\”ShowHelp(‘utilizing_SSL.htm ‘);return
false;\” class=\”Normal\”>” +
Resources.GetString(“L_HomeNotUsingSSLHelpLink_Text”) + “</a>”) %>
          <br />

Save the file and Voila! Happy Patching :-).

10 thoughts on “Disable the SSL warning in the To Do List

  1. Thanks! That warning is worthless in our case — in our config, the WSUS admin page is only accessible on the server’s console. SSL to localhost is a bit much. So that warning has been an irritation. Glad to find an easy fix! Good tip!

  2. Hi, is there a way to comment the code instead of deleting it, sommething like // in C++.

    Many thanks, Dragos

  3. “SSL to localhost is a bit much.”

    The importance of the message is that communication between the WSUS server and its managed clients is not SSL protected.

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