Extract computer hardware information from WSUS

A question was asked in the WSUS Mailing List (hosted by Shavlik Technologies on www.patchmanagement.org) –


I am using WSUS 2.0 and I was wondering if there was a way to extract the computer hardware information it collects?


Oh yes, this is possible.


You can extract computer hardware data in table ‘dbo.tbComputerTarget’ in SUS database (SUSDB). You can query for the following information;


TargetID        ComputerID    SID     LastSyncTime LastReportedStatusTime      LastReportedRebootTime          IPAddress      FullDomainName        OSMajorVersion        OSMinorVersion        OSBuildNumber          OSServicePackMajorNumber  OSServicePackMinorNumber  OSLocale       ComputerMake          ComputerModel         BiosVersion    BiosName       BiosReleaseDate       ProcessorArchitecture          ClientGuid      RequestedTargetGroupName IsRegistered


For instance, you can query it directly using SQL Query Analyzer or OSQL;



SELECT     FullDomainName, IPAddress, ComputerMake, ComputerModel, BiosName, BiosVersion, OSMajorVersion, OSServicePackMajorNumber

FROM         tbComputerTarget


Hope that helps! Happy patching.


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  1. thanks!

    there is another Q:

    how can i connect to SUS database (SUSDB)?

    what are username and password os SUS database (SUSDB)?

    thank u !

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