WSUS 3.0 Beta 2

WSUS Product Team has already announced the release of WSUS 3.0 beta 2 public beta. This is the first public beta for WSUS 3.0 which is preceded by a private TAP beta. Quick Info: Program Start Date 8/14/2006 Program End Date 2/28/2007 Nomination Start Date 8/8/2006 Nomination End Date 2/28/2007 You can register and download WSUS 3.0 Beta 2 from or from Once registered, you can download WSUSSetup-x86.exe, 56.23 MB using Microsoft File Transfer Manager automatically. Title WSUS 3 Beta 2 Setup-x86 Release Date 8/11/2006 Size 56.23 MB Version 5451.90 Category Build Milestone Beta 2 Description WSUS 3.0 beta 2 … Continue reading WSUS 3.0 Beta 2

Error 0x8024400D SOAP Fault: 0x00012c

SYMPTOMS WARNING: GetCookie failure, error = 0x8024400D, soap client error = 7, soap error code = 300, HTTP status code = 200WARNING: SOAP Fault: 0x00012cWARNING:     faultstring:Fault occurredWARNING:     ErrorCode:ConfigChanged(2)WARNING:     Message:WARNING:     Method:”“WARNING:     ID:4e774ffe-d529-4f84-888e-ac1668cf7178Initializing simple targeting cookie, clientId = 63cec5fc-fab0-49d9-9859-8933a7cd0f6c, target group = <>, DNS name = <FQDN>  Server URL = http://wsusserver:8530/SimpleAuthWebService/SimpleAuth.asmxUploading 1 events using cached cookie, reporting URL = http://wsusserver:8530/ReportingWebService/ReportingWebService.asmxReporter successfully uploaded 1 events. CAUSE The problem can be caused by a known issue with Internet Information Services 6.0 and http.sys. RESOLUTION A supported hotfix is now available from Microsoft. This hotfix does require Service Pack 1 be installed to the Windows Server … Continue reading Error 0x8024400D SOAP Fault: 0x00012c

What can you expect in WSUS 3.0?

WSUS 3.0 will be the next iteration of Update Services and the beta is slated for 3rd qtr this year (CY). Craig Marl [MSFT] has added some light on the improvements on Quoting from the Craig’s post. NEW MMC UI:For 3.0 we’re adding a new MMC UI that allows us to do a lot more than the old web UI, one of these things is much richer views. NEW Custom Views:In 3.0 you’ll be able to define custom views based on products, classifications, sync date, and the groups the updates are approved for. This should make it much easier … Continue reading What can you expect in WSUS 3.0?

Storing WSUS Content on a SAN

Storing WSUS Content on SAN is not supported and WSUS cannot be installed on a cluster. The content must be stored locally on WSUS Server.  More over, WSUS runs under the context of the “Network Service” account which will not have permissions to external network resources.  

Security updates are now available on ISO-9660 CD image

Microsoft now releases ISO-9660 CD image files that contain all the security updates that are released on the Microsoft Windows Update Web site for Windows. The ISO image files are released at the same time as security updates are released on the Windows Update Web site. MORE INFORMATION

UPDATE: TWO New Products added for WSUS Synchronization in Add/Remove Products list

This blog entry is follow-up & small correction to my previous blog enry on TWO New Products added for WSUS Synchronization in Add/Remove Products list. According to WSUS Product Team Blog entry, about the product Microsoft Codename Max  which is a new consumer beta offering from Microsoft.  While this product category will be added to the WSUS synch options product dialog, there will be no “Codename Max” software or updates synched from Microsoft Update to WSUS servers.  Codename Max is not applicable to the WSUS infrastructure.  The actual appearance of the product category in the WSUS UI is a glitch in our publishing logic … Continue reading UPDATE: TWO New Products added for WSUS Synchronization in Add/Remove Products list

New SBS recommended updates to be published on WSUS

Oh cool :-). A welcome notification from WSUS Product Team Blog for New SBS recommended updates to be published for Small Business Server via WSUS. In my previous blog entry we saw TWO New Products added for WSUS Synchronization in Add/Remove Products list & now you have to select this new SBS category for the new updates 🙂 SBS folks must be happy :-). BTW, Susan where are you hiding?

Synchronizing remote WSUS servers from the master console

In my blog entry earlier, I talked about Synchronizing WSUS-Replica (slave) Server from the Command Line and now I came across WSUS Remote Sync on WSUSWiki WSUS Remote Sync is a tool which allows administrators to synchronize remote WSUS servers from the master console created by Allen Holman/mincus. Kudos Allen! MORE INFORMATION