[SketchFlow] Convert SketchFlow Feedback into TFS Work Item

Expression Blend 4, SketchFlow enables to build (with WPF or Silverlight) application
prototypes to exactly define, in collaboration with the customer, the
navigation map and the functionalities for the future application.

the SketchFlow application is executed, the customer can write on each screen,
and add feedbacks to notify what must be added, updated and deleted. A file
with all the feedbacks can be exported by the customer. Then it’s forwarded to
the development team. This file can be imported on Blend to list all the
customer feedbacks.

feedbacks can be convert into TFS Work Item through a right-click on each
feedback items and a click on « Convert Feedback into TFS Work Item » :


The Work
Item type must be selected (« Task » in our example) :


It’s possible
to complete information about this new Work Item with the following interface :


when the Work Item is saved, a dialog box appears with its ID number and a link
to visualize it :


Finally in
TFS, the Work Item, created by the customer SketchFlow Feedback, can be
visualized :

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