[WP7] AskMe! My application for the killer-apps Windows Phone 7 contest

Microsoft France organizes a
killers-app Windows Phone 7 contest
. The 10 selected applications will be
presented to a very impressive jury:

  • Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft
  • Pierre Olivier Carles,
    CEO of Kipost and co-founder de Labotec, business angel.
  • Jacques Antoine Granjon, Founder of Vente-privée.com
  • Ouriel Ohayon,Co-founder
    of AppsFire and Co-founder of Isai found
  • Marc Simoncini, Founder and
    President of Meetic and of Jaïna found
  • Bruno Vanryb, Founder and
    President of Avanquest Software

To be
selected, you must make a Windows Phone 7 application, a video about it, post
this video on the “Developpeurs” Facebook page and obtain a maximum of like to
be in the top 10 list!

I develop a Windows Phone 7
application which name is AskMe! This is a big 8 pool ball, you ask it a
question, shake the phone to shake the ball and it answers you. Be careful,
answers come without any warranties; the ball may put itself on strike!

If you like my application and
you are on Facebook, please “like” my AskMe! video on this Facebook page :



This is the video of my


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