[RIA Services] Use Shared class for metadatas

With WCF RIA Services and DomainServices, the metadatas file is generated from selected entities of the ADO.NET Entity Data Model. But if you want to add the “FullAddress” property in the metadatas, this error appears: “The associated metadata type for type ‘SharedInfos.Web.Customers’ contains the following unknown properties or fields: FullAddress. Please make sure that the names of these members match the names of the properties on the main type.” Shared classes allow completing this metadatas with properties and/or methods. This file has the .share.cs extension (or .shared.vb). Notice that the namespace must be the same as the Web project. namespace … Continue reading [RIA Services] Use Shared class for metadatas

[OData] Open Data Protocol Visualizer Extension for Visual Studio 2010

As seen before, I used OData in a Silverlight 4 project. Adding a data feed was possible through a Service Reference. Several files were created after the adding, including an edmx, but when you want to see it in Visual Studio 2010 the following error message appears : A Visual Studio 2010 extension is available to visualize exposed OData feed entities as a diagram. This extension is the Open Data Protocol Visualizer Extension for VS2010. The Extension Manager (in the Tools menu) allows its installation in Visual Studio 2010. A window opens and lists all available extensions. Choose Open Data … Continue reading [OData] Open Data Protocol Visualizer Extension for Visual Studio 2010

[Silverlight] Three new Silverlight applications templates

Three new templates are available for Silverlight applications, both Silverlight Business Application and Silverlight Navigation Application. Furthermore style elements of these new themes are available to download, you can use them in any Silverlight applications. Finally these new themes include the new WCF RIA Services templates. These three new templates are : Windows 7 Cosmopolitan AccentColor   There are downloadable at this address, and these templates can easily be installed in Visual Studio 2010 : And Expression Blend 4 :