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How to Tweak the IE for enhancing Internet Speed.

1. Go to Start –> Run and type regedit

2. Select hkey_current_user –> Software –> Microsoft –> Windows –> Current Version–> Internet Settings

3. Change the Decimal Value of “MaxConnections Per1_0Server” and “MaxConnections PerServer” (without the spaces) to 10

4. Close regedit and Reboot the machine.

If these keys don’t already exist, create them, make two below dword values .

MaxConnections Per1_0Server : Decimal value 10

MaxConnections PerServer : Decimal value 10

Internet Explorer performance is greatly dependent in part on the number of simultaneous connections that can be made for a current page. By default, the value is 4. This means only a maximum of 4 simultaneous connections will be made per server.

Error or unable to open hard disk drives by double clicking on it.

1. Start – run – msconfig.

2. Restart the PC

3. After boot up go to start – run – regedit, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvancedFolderHiddenSHOWALL…… here in the right side look for Checked value dword key CheckedValue, Delete the key and create a new DWORD key and name it CheckedValue and give it a Hex value of 1

4. Exit out of regedit…. after doing it open windows explorer go to tools- folder options – view – uncheck hide protected operating system files – click ok and exit out of it

5. Click C drive now delete (shift + delete) autorun.inf and a batch file will be there as hidden file (with a strange name). Similarly follow this for other drive and any removable drives

6. Restart the PC

7. While in the process of step 1 to 4, do not open any drives by double click or by start menu. You can try open by windows explorer (windows key + E)

8. After restarting the PC now try double clicking the drives.

This is caused because of unprotected USB drives, downloading unsecured executable files.

How to Change Name and Company Information After You Install Win XP.

1. Start/Run/Regedit

2. Go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion”

3. In the right pane, double-click RegisteredOrganization. Under “Value data”, type the name that you   want, and then click OK.

4. To change the name of the registered owner, do the following: In the right pane, double-click   RegisteredOwner. Under “Value data”, type the name that you want, and then click OK/Exit.

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