Missing the point…

Here’s an email conversation that went on between one of the IT team (Lxxx) and another member of staff (Sxxx).  Seems that one of the ink tanks on their printer has run out of ink.

>>> Dear Lxxx
>>> The printer in room 6 is a HP 1100d
>>> Will you be able to get the ink cartridge replaced?  Many thanks
>>> Sxxx

>> Hi Sxxx
>> What colour?  There are 4!

> Lxxx, do you mean what colour ink or what colour printer?!
> Sxxx

I banged my head on the desk when I read this.

One thought on “Missing the point…

  1. That story inspired me to make this. If this blog doesn’t like the pre tags it will probably look rubbish.


    I’m going to the One of the cartridges in

    shops, do you need the inkjet printer is empty.

    anything? Can you get a replacement?



    ## ||| _

    #]] <‘|| |_)

    .||. |_>>. _[__]

    __________dd____________ | |>> | |____________________dp

    Sure. Beige.

    What colour is it? ,


    ## ||| _

    [[# ||’> |_)

    || |_>>. _[__]

    ______d d_______________ | |>> | |____________________dp</pre>

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