Petty theft

WHY!?  Why do they do it?  In a classroom full of computers, why do they keep stealing the MICE?  We’ve had at least 30 go from three different classrooms.  So, we bought replacements, and I cable tied them all to the machines in two different places.  Now I’ve just discovered that ANOTHER one has been stolen, they actually cut the cable ties to take it.  A MOUSE!  A lousy stinking optical mouse!

And now I’ve just been told that a laptop keyboard has been damaged – one of the key mechanisms has been smashed.  God knows how much that is gonna cost to replace.  Can we just buy replacement keys?  How about the little thingies that hold the keys on?  Probably not, we’re probably going to have to buy a whole new keyboard assembly or something ridiculous like that.

The students here just have no appreciation for the equipment or environment around them.  We had a machine that someone took all the memory from.  Many machines have the CDROM drives completely trashed, stripping the gears.  Most of the keyboards now lay flat on the desk because the little stands have been snapped off.  It just makes me so angry that we spend this money on equipment for them and this is how they repay us.

Over the weekend we had ten laptops stolen from a locked cupboard in a classroom.  After investigation, it turns out most of the students who use that room knew where the key was kept because they were told so by the lecturers.  There was no forced entry, and it was almost certainly a student.  Do we really make any money by opening the college on a saturday to run just one or two adult classes?  When you factor in the cost of equipment lost during these times, it makes me wonder.

Other things have been stolen in the past, projectors, the occasional TFT.  Someone stole Site Management’s mini tractor/lawnmower.  Actually rolled up with a trailer and loaded it on.  Thankfully I can only recall one actual computer being stolen.  Our computers don’t make good games machines as everything is onboard, have no AGP port, and are mostly in Small Form Factor cases.

The whole thing just makes me so angry, and disappointed at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Petty theft

  1. Tell me about it, it’s a sad world at the moment. Kids have been brought up without fear or respect of others. I think corporal punishment is wrong but most kids need a threat of that kind to keep in line until they learn respect and tact.

    My car was broken into a week ago. They stole a straw hat I bought on holiday and some of my daft CDR compilations. I’m sure they were looking for more and stole the hat out of pure spite when they couldn’t find the stereo facia, but they did £134-worth of damage on the way!

    Grrr. Fixed today though.

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