Another mouse casuality today, in the same room.  This time it wasn’t removed, but instead they had sliced open the cable sheath to expose the wires, then sliced and frayed them.

Not only is that wanton destructive vandalism, but potentially dangerous.

I’m thinking of making a poster:

“If you aren’t here because you want to be, then leave.  If you are here to just muck about, cause trouble, or hinder those who actually want to learn something, then we don’t want you here.  Do something else with your life instead.”

Believe me, I’d love to word it much stronger than that.

On a similar note, I have had notices up for a long time now advising people not to open the windows if the air conditioning is on.  Do they take any notice?  Of course not.  Doors and windows wide open, and the air conditioning blazing away.

Sometimes I’ve even entered a room to discover the aircon has been set, perhaps accidentally, to actually heat the room.  Unfortunately that’s most likely the fault of the lecturers.  They collect the aircon remote from us, at which point I set it to the right settings and temperature.  Somewhere between the door of my office and the door of the classroom, they change every single setting to the opposite of what it should be.

I think lecturers have a lot to answer for.  While these students are creating all these problems, where are they?  They’re meant to be there in the room supervising them.  I don’t know what they are really doing but whatever it is doesn’t seem to be having any effect.

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