Long weekend

It’s a long weekend – but in a good way!  Four days off from work, and then it’s two weeks without the students being there!  Finally a time to do some preventative maintenance to the network, to repair things they’ve broken, and to make some new posters..

At least, so you’d think.

Three days out of the first week we can’t do anything because there are students in working to catch up.  They’ll be doing the work they should have been doing during term time.  So, as the first week is only four days anyway that’s an entire week out the window.

So now we’re looking at the second week.  Things are looking hopeful for the Tuesday, but you never know what will happen.  Wednesday I’m off to Microsoft HQ here in the UK for a bit of a get-together with other MVP’s, which will be fantastic, but it’s also another day where nothing will be able to be done.

Becuase I’m off on the Wednesday, that means Tuesday might not be the best day to do it either.  If things go horribly wrong who’d be there to pick up the mess?  Well OK so there are three other people in the IT team but unfortunately they just don’t have the right skills.

So I’m just gonna relax this weekend, spend some time online, perhaps even go outside (!) and take a walk in the park.  Feed some ducks.  Although, I’m sure they’re sick of bread.  It’s holiday time, and the sky is blue and the sun is bright – and every family in town with young children will be going to the park to feed the ducks.  Well if the ducks don’t eat it I’m sure the Canada Geese will.

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