British Summer Time

I didn’t realise that the clocks went forward last night.  I woke up at what I thought was an early time and it was only several hours later I realised half my clocks were wrong.  Only my computers and the VCR were correct, they’d adjusted themselves.

It’s nice having a day or two to adjust before having to go back to work on the new schedule.  It’s a good job I don’t have any trouble sleeping… just waking up!  😉

I seem to be spending a lot of time playing online games at the moment, my current favourites being iSketch and Psychobabble.

iSketch is like an online version of Pictionary.  The game gives you a word which you have to draw, and others in the (virtual) room have to guess what you are drawing.  Points are awarded according to how quickly you guessed the word, and some points also go to the artist.

Psychobabble is like those magnetic poetry games you can get, which you stick to your fridge to make sentences.  The game gives you a theme for each round, and a selection of words which you have to make into a relevant sentence, although most people tend to ignore the suggested theme.  After each round, all the created sentences are revealed and each player has to vote for their favourite.  Points are then awarded.

I’m also a good deal of the way through the game American McGee’s Alice.  It uses the Quake engine, and has some seriously chilling music.  Wonderland has become warped, and Alice must fight her way through it to defeat the Red Queen and restore peace.

Other favourite games include Grand Theft Auto III Liberty City and Vice City.  I can’t wait for San Andreas to be released for the PC.  I hope my old GeForce 3 ti200 will cope.

For some more online fun, try Scorched 3d.  Based on the old Scorched Earth game, it’s been taken into the 21st century.  Sweet 3d graphics and online multiplayer gaming make this a fantastic strategy game.  I recommend you practice before going against other player online, some of them are rather good.  It’s available for Windows, Linux (of many flavours) and Macintosh OSX.

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