A case of the sniffles

I seem to have come down with a cold.. or as some men would call it.. flu (or chicken flu, SARS, or just plain old traditional “oh my god, I think I’m dying”).  So my nose is all bunged up and my throat is sore.  In a warm room, the gunk inside my head melts and starts to dribble down my face.  Sleeping is interesting, I’m sure you’ve all had a cold at some point so you can appreciate the game of snot-chase.  You lay on one side, you feel it all drain into one side of your head.. then you … Continue reading A case of the sniffles

A quiet start to the week

The first few days of the students being back has been mostly uneventful.  We sacrificed one already completely broken laptop to fix as many of the keyboards as we could, so we’re back up to (almost) a full compliment of classroom laptops now. There’s now begun a big push at work to try and get lecturers to actually take responsibility for the equipment being used during their classes.  They are being encouraged at the end of the last class of the day to take the time to shut machines down, turn off projectors and air conditioning, close windows if open, draw … Continue reading A quiet start to the week

Get into the groove

We’ve discovered three more broken DVDROM drives, in the same room.  We were attempting to install some software from CD onto one of them, and it was working.  However, there was some noise and vibration from the drive, but we thought nothing of it.  After a while, the disc would no longer read. After ejecting the disk, we saw why. There’s a deep groove been carved into the surface of the disc.  I haven’t yet looked at the drive to see why this happened (or how they did it) but I’ll be posting a picture into the Gallery shortly, if … Continue reading Get into the groove