Get into the groove

We’ve discovered three more broken DVDROM drives, in the same room.  We were attempting to install some software from CD onto one of them, and it was working.  However, there was some noise and vibration from the drive, but we thought nothing of it.  After a while, the disc would no longer read.

After ejecting the disk, we saw why.

There’s a deep groove been carved into the surface of the disc.  I haven’t yet looked at the drive to see why this happened (or how they did it) but I’ll be posting a picture into the Gallery shortly, if I can get a good shot.

We’ve ordered some more drives.

Edit: The image is now uploaded, and can be viewed by clicking below:

Edit again:  I’ve now used the paperclip method to open the drive, and can see what caused the groove.  I’m not sure how, but part of the tray has been sheared away, causing sharp barbs to protrude.  It could have been done with a knife, it wouldn’t surprise me.  Anyway, I took a picture and put it in the gallery.

2 thoughts on “Get into the groove

  1. I saw the date of the post and was expecting the reason for the deep groove on the disc to be caused by someone using the tray as a cupholder (as in that joke) or maybe something along the line of crop circles.

    You’ve already seen this probably:

    (Glad to see you again Andrew! I found you by looking at my webstat links. Please excuse if this is a double post. I seem to be having difficulty interpreting the characters on the verification image – I’ll try one more time and then I give up – oh wait!! is THIS the April fool’s joke?)

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