A case of the sniffles

I seem to have come down with a cold.. or as some men would call it.. flu (or chicken flu, SARS, or just plain old traditional “oh my god, I think I’m dying”).  So my nose is all bunged up and my throat is sore.  In a warm room, the gunk inside my head melts and starts to dribble down my face.  Sleeping is interesting, I’m sure you’ve all had a cold at some point so you can appreciate the game of snot-chase.  You lay on one side, you feel it all drain into one side of your head.. then you roll over and feel it draining into the other side.  OK, I think I’ve sufficiently grossed out most of my readers now!  Sorry.

One thought on “A case of the sniffles

  1. It’s probably not the flu. You probably have the plague.

    Have you tried drinking fenugreek tea? It tastes so revolting that you are completely distracted from being sick.

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